How we invest.


What we bring to the table.



We only invest where we believe we can have impact. Whether it’s leveraging our network, rolling up our sleeves on strategy and product, or being a sounding board, we are here to help.

A Global Network

We have made it our business to build strong network effects ourselves - connections to capital, customers, and talent across LA, NY, SF, Israel and Toronto that we enjoy sharing with our portfolio companies.


We have deep empathy for the entrepreneurial journey. As entrepreneurs, corporate acquirers, and VC backed scale operators, we have a holistic view of the journey ahead.

What we get excited about.



We invest in people who take bold actions against big ideas. People who are resilient, adaptable and have a track record of anti-fragility.


We look for entrepreneurs who have passion for the pain points they are trying to solve and deep empathy for the customers they are trying to win.


We believe in diverse teams, diverse thinking and diverse market opportunities. Diversity forces integrative thinking and discovering new perspectives which leads to significant value creation.


Exponential Potential

We are industry agnostic but believe there are technologies that give businesses unprecedented advantage.

Network Effects

We look for businesses where the value of the platform increases based on each additional node on the network.